Pea Soup
Delightfully simple emerald green soup made from mashed jade peas and lean cuts of Dodo tenderloin.

1000 gil

Cheese Risotto
A rich dish of sticky rice doused in cottage cheese simmered over low heat for a unique texture topped with crunchy alpine parsnip.

1000 gil

Orobon Stew
Creamy soup of soft, delicate deepwater Ourobon liver and stewed Coerthan carrot roots.

1000 gil

Parsnip Salad
Mix of fried alpine parsnip slices, lettuce, spinach, and buffalo beans drizzled with a fragrant Cinderfoot olive oil.

1000 gil

Spinach Saute
Fresh Cieldalaes spinach and button mushroom slices sautéed in a rich Buffalo milk butter.

1000 gil

Orange Juice
Hand-squeezed ripe, sweet La Noscean Oranges.

200 gil

Chamomile Tea
A relaxing, fragrant brew of Chamomile flowers with a touch of local Gridanian honey.

200 gil

Mineral Water
Ice cold water bottled from its source near Ishgard.

200 gil

Spending much of her time traveling as a courier, delivering packages and the odd letter here and there, Pepper Lacus found herself often lacking a tasty something to eat. There were scant options on the trail and she often found herself going hungry or eating disappointingly cold, lifeless leftovers.

Taking it upon herself to make changes for the better, she set to work on learning how to always have another, tastier option. She learned the skill of foraging to find the best, freshest ingredients. The art of cooking taught her how to combine the flavors in ways she never before thought was possible. She spent many overnight delivery runs practicing, and stumbled upon the wonderful world of cuisine.

Inspired by this bounty of flavour, she now endeavors to share it with all of Eorza, one pop-up resturant stop at a time.

( This is a themed restaurant and does not have regular opening hours. Please check the schedule for future themes and opening hours. )

( Please come up to the counter to order your food. Let us know if you have any dietary restrictions and feel free to sit wherever you would like. )

( Do pay for your food when you order. If you cannot or would not like to pay, then we can keep the transaction RP-only. Tips are appreciated and will be split evenly between all workers at the restaurant. )

( Everything here is made-to-order. If you paid for your food, I will open the crafting menu and make the thing you ordered after you ask for it. )

Upcoming Dates


Past Dates

2019-10-122000-2200 EasternCancelled
2019-10-061300-1500 EasternSoup Kitchen
2019-09-281400-1600 EasternGrand Opening, Soup Kitchen


( The letter has been typed out with a typewriter, with splotches of ink in several places, on a piece of paper cut into a third of its usual size. )

Dear partners, friends, family, and FC mates! It is my pleasure to invite you to a private party before the grand opening of my new restaurant in Lavender Hills. Please join me on (2019-09-28 1300 Eastern) for a private party one hour before the grand opening to the public. I would love to see you there!

( There are several hand-drawn hearts next to Pepper's name at the bottom of the letter )